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112-119 days. Voodoo sedum seeds are an eye-catching, elegant, and captivating grow for any garden. Voodoo seeds grow to highlight and accent walkways, borders, fences, patios, or to reinvigorate a stale flower bed. Voodoo sedum seeds are hardy, compact, and drought tolerant succulents bursting with dazzling ½ inch star-shaped cherry rose blossoms. Voodoo seeds thrive in a wide variety of hot and thirsty gardens across North America.


Growing Voodoo Sedum Garden Seeds

Voodoo sedum is generally easy to grow from seed and most often sown directly after final frost in a sunny spot at the southern end of the garden. For early spring blooming, start Voodoo seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior. Sedum seeds will take 14-28 days for germination. Press 5-7 Voodoo seeds into soil without covering every 12 inches in average, dry, medium moist, and well-drained soil in full sun. Be sure to plant Voodoo seeds at the southern end of any grow space because they only reach 4 inch tall and can be easily overshadowed. Voodoo seeds grow heat and drought tolerant succulents and are known to thrive in poor, dry soils. Avoid overwatering, Voodoo sedum does not do well in wet and poorly-drained soil. Monitor regularly for slugs and snails, but Voodoo sedum has no serious pests or diseases. Voodoo seeds mature at 112-119 days days as thick 4 inch tall creeping succulents with a wide 12-18 inch spread of ½ inch star-shaped cherry rose succulent petals with deep red blooms. 1000 Seeds.

Sedum spurium, or sedum, is native to the warm, arid regions of Europe and the Mediterranean and also commonly known around the gardening world as Stonecrop, Goldmoss Stonecrop, Goldmoss Sedum, Caucasian Stonecrop, Two-row Stonecrop, or Golden Carpet Stonecrop.

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