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Rye grass (Secale cereale - not to be confused with ryegrass Lolium), comes in lovely shades of green and red! Grow just like wheatgrass and barleygrass, and discover how rich the flavor of Rye grass can be.

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Organic Rye Grain Seeds

Winter rye is an upright perennial and robust cereal grain that prefers cooler seasons with deep roots. It's different from other ryegrass, as winter rye is a type of grain. This plant is a variety of grain that has similar growing requirements as winter wheat, but grows well in substandard soil conditions and is more cold-tolerant than wheat. Plant winter rye seed in either early fall before winter temperatures set in or in spring once the soil is workable. These plants can germinate as early as 10 days. In general, grains grow best in a sunny area. As winter rye is more drought-tolerant, you can lightly water as the seedlings sprout and mature.


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