Red Worms for Composting


Redworms (Eisenia Fetida) are nature's best composters! 1 lb (approx 1000 worms) Shipped USPS Priority with peat moss in a breathable bag & box. One lb of redworms can consume Organic waste up to a pound per day. Due to shortages, please allow 1 extra week for shipping!

This product cannot be shipped outside the US.


1 Lb of Redworms (Eisenia Fetida) for Composting - Approx 1000 Worms

These little guys aren't pleasant to look at but they will turn a spent flat of wheatgrass into amazing composted worm castings in no time! One pound of redworms can consume up to a pound of Organic matter per day. The result is worm castings (a very nice name for worm poop). Worm castings are one of the best growing mediums available! The magic of red worms is that they deposit a water-soluble, ready to use casting 5 to 11 times richer in nitrogen, phosphates, calcium and magnesium than the Organic matter they consumed.

  • 1 Lb of Redworms Equals Approx. 1000 worms
  • Species: eisenia fetida
  • OMRI listed - Fed with Organic material
  • Shipping Weight: 2 Lbs.
  • Ships Via USPS Priority Mail
  • All orders ship Monday
  • Expect Arrival in 2 days to 3 days.

Add a pound or two of redworms to your compost pile to accelerate the conversion of spent wheatgrass mats and other Organic matter into an amazing growing medium. This is the wheatgrass circle of life. In optimal conditions redworms will produce 10 additional pounds of redworms every 3 to 5 months. Redworms will not harm live roots or foliage, they will however, consume anything Organic that falls to the ground and convert it into a wonderful fertilizer.


Your redworms are shipped free. Orders are shipped out only on Monday, and shipped via USPS Priority Mail. The worms typically will survive for at least 5 days in the shipping container, which you should receive by Wednesday or Thursday. You should move the worms immediately to proper bedding in a shady spot (under a watermelon rind is ideal, or similar dark, moist area) and mist with water that has not been treated with water softeners. It will typically take about a week for the red worms to adjust and get into full compost production mode.

While it is very uncommon for worms to die in shipment, if they do, please contact us and we will replace your order (1st shipment only). This guarantee covers only delivery, and not mistreatment or improper care after delivery.

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