Red Torpedo Onion Seeds - Non-GMO
Red Torpedo Onion Seeds - Non-GMO
Red Torpedo Onion Seed Packet
Non-GMO Red Torpedo Onion Seeds Bag

- Originating from a small town in Italy, the Red torpedo onion is adaptable, frost tolerant, requires an intermediate daylength, is uniquely long with a red-purple coloration, and sweet tasting.

Onion Seeds - Intermediate - Red Torpedo


110 Days to maturity. Allium cepa. Red Torpedo Onion Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, open-pollinated, heirloom, bulbing, intermediate-day onion. Suitable for growing in greenhouses, garden plots, and raised beds. A fantastic onion variety from a small Mediterranean town in Italia. Red Torpedos are long, red-purple, spindle-shaped onions with a mild, sweet flesh. Remember to enjoy them soon as sweet onions are poor keepers. ~ 8,400 seeds/oz.


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