Rapeseed - Canola - Dwarf Essex
Rapeseed - Canola - Dwarf Essex
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Rapeseed - Canola - Dwarf Essex


40-60 Days to termination. Brassica napus ‘Dwarf Essex’. Dwarf Essex Rapeseed Canola Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, no-till, forage-friendly. Dwarf Essex Canola is a fantastic forage and no-till cover crop for the cooler season. May not winter-kill, we recommend crimping and tarping for no-till termination. Plant in the late summer and terminate before flowering in the spring. This outstanding and quick to mature crop can feed your cattle or other appropriate livestock through the winter. As a cover crop, it has supreme weed suppression abilities and helps remarkably with soil compaction. About 13,400 seeds per ounce.

🌱 3-5 oz per 1,000 square feet


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