Radish Seeds - Purple Plum


Non-GMO, Heirloom Purple Plum Radish Seeds. 25-30 days. Bright purple skin, firm white flesh, crisp, sweet and mild all season, never pithy of hot, hardy and adaptable.

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Purple Plum Radish Seeds

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The bright flesh of the Purple Plum radish is sweet and tender. The shoots can also be used in stir-fry dishes or as an additional green to a salad. Their small globe shape make them perfect for slicing thin and pickling. Purple Plum will stay crisp while other Radishes may soften with time.

When planting Radishes, year after year, be sure to rotate the planting site as it will deplete the soil. Avoid planting near cabbage and broccoli. Till the soil up to four inches down and lightly cover each seed with the aerated soil.

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