Pumpkin Seeds - Thumpkin
Pumpkin Seeds - Thumpkin
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Thumpkin Pumpkin Seed Packet

- An attention grabber with its flattened shape, dark orange color, and extra thick handle that produces abundantly with correct spacing.

Pumpkin Seeds - Thumpkin


120 days. A new pumpkin variety characterized by it's flattened or "Long Island Cheese" like shape, but with a dark orange color and an extra thick "handle" or stem. It averages from 15 to 25 lbs. These traits; color, shape, and handle, lend great interest. Thumpkin grabs attention in any display. Thumpkin should be planted with plenty of room for the large vine. The producer recommends planting 1-3 seeds 6 feet apart in rows 12 feet apart, and will produce ABUNDANTLY at this spacing. Crowding produces fewer, but larger pumpkins.

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