Petunia Tidal Wave Series (pelleted) Cherry Seeds
Petunia Tidal Wave Series (pelleted) Cherry Seeds
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Purple Petunia Seeds
Petunia Tidal Wave Series pelleted Silver Seed
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Petunia Seeds - Tidal Wave Series (pelleted)


98-105 days. Tidal Wave Series petunia seeds grow one of the season's largest, most award-winning and customizable trailing and hanging plants. Tidal Wave Series petunias have a unique variable growth habit that will vine 24-36 inches up a trellis or can mound and trail out as 30-48 inch wide ground cover. Tidal Wave Series petunias are easy to grow from seed and promise hardy and vigorous vines bursting with mini 2 inch blooms ideal for fences, trees, railings, or as colorful interior decor. Tidal Wave petunias debuted as both the All-American Selections Flower Winner and Fleuroselect Novelty Winner noted by judges for being, "unlike other petunias so gardeners can decide the height of the mature plant." Pelleted seeds.

AAS Winner

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