Petunia - Daddy Series - Blue
Petunia - Daddy Series - Blue
Petunia - Daddy Series - Mix
Petunia - Daddy Series - Orchid
Petunia - Daddy Series - Peppermint
Petunia - Daddy Series - Pink
Petunia - Daddy Series - Sugar
Petunia Flower Seeds - Daddy Series

Petunia Seeds - Daddy Series (Pelleted)


98-105 days. Daddy Series petunia seeds grow an adorable, compact, and vibrant addition to any home, office, or garden. Daddy Series petunias are durable and easy to grow from seed, ideal for indoor pots, planters, window boxes, or for a charming border in the flower bed. Daddy Series petunias mature to 12-15 inches tall mounding uprights sprinkled in leafy and uniquely "veined" 3-4 inches semi-feathered blooms. Daddy Series petunia seeds are an early Spring bloomer that promises to keep the butterflies fluttering all the way through summer. Pelleted seeds.


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