Pepper Seeds - Sweet - Mini Bell Yellow


Mini Yellow Bell Peppers are the perfect small bell pepper with sweet and firm flesh. The pepper plant produces a lot of peppers. Peppers start off green, and then turn yellow. The fruit has 3 loves are 2" by 1." Put these yellow bell peppers on a veggie trail this summer for your next barbecue.


Growing Mini Yellow Bell Pepper Vegetable Garden Seeds

Mini Yellow Bell Pepper Growth Habits:

Sweet bell pepper seeds are best started indoors. These peppers can be moved outdoors when temperatures warm. Pepper plants will grow upright and produce many peppers if planted in sunny conditions. These are the peppers to grow if you love sweet and small peppers.

Various Uses for Mini Yellow Bell Pepper:

There is no shortage of uses for Mini Yellow Bell Peppers. These little peppers can be snacked right off the branch. They look gorgeous on any snack tray and add the perfect naturally sweet crunch to any dish. They can also be used in cooking, and they will only get sweeter as they are cooked.

Mini Yellow Bell Pepper Benefits:

Peppers add so many nutrients to a person"s diet. These are the perfect sweet and low-calorie snack. They are rich in vitamins like A and C. They also have many nutrients. This is the perfect snack to pack in your lunch if you are looking for something low in sugar, but high in satisfaction.

Additional Information:

These go great with mini red bell peppers.

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