non gmo hot numex twilight pepper seeds
Packet - Nu Mex Twilight Pepper Seeds

- A hybrid of the Thai ornamental pepper developed by New Mexico State University with a saltier and bitter taste making it ideal for ornamental planting.

Pepper Seeds - Hot - NuMex Twilight


80-90 Days. Capsicum annuum. Hot Pepper. Annual. Non-GMO. Developed and cultivated by New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute, NuMex Twilight seeds grow some of the most colorful and exciting peppers available to home gardens. NuMex Twilight peppers seeds are a decorative, yet flavorful, grow to keep on sunny patios that dazzle with vibrant purple hot peppers that change to yellow and orange throughout the growing season, finally red when ready to harvest. NuMex Twilight hot pepper seeds are specifically bred for gardens similar to the demanding, arid New Mexico heat. Wholesale and bulk seeds. ~5,000 seeds per oz.

Scoville Heat Units: 30,000-50,000 SHU (mild hot pepper)


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