Hot Pepper - Holy Mole Hybrid
Hot Pepper - Holy Mole Hybrid
non gmo holy mole hybrid hot pepper seed bag
holy mole hybrid hot pepper seed packet

- Used for the famous mole sauce, this pepper has a nutty and tangy flavor and has been bred for greater vigor, early maturity, and higher yields earning it an AAS award.

Pepper Seeds - Hot - Holy Mole Hybrid


Non-GMO Hybrid Holy Mole Hot pepper is ready in 85 days. The first hybrid pasilla-type pepper is used to make the famous mole sauce. Hybrid vigor brings very high yields of 7 to 9 inch peppers measuring 1 1/2 inches across. The fruit can be harvested green or allowed to mature to a dark chocolate color. The flavor is nutty and tangy. Mature plants can get 3 feet tall. This hybrid has exhibited resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

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AAS Winner

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