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70 days. This superior pea emerged in the year 1943. Can be planted later than most varieties because of its significant heat tolerance, but also pollinates well under cold conditions. Delectably sweet, tender and appetizing, it can be eaten straight from the pod. Small 3 inch pea pods that are good fresh, canned or frozen. Approx. 167 seeds/oz.

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Growing Wando Garden Pea Seeds

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  • Seeds Per Package:
    • 25 g - Approximately 147 Seeds
    • 4 oz - Approximately 668 Seeds
    • 1 lb - Approximately 2,672 Seeds
    • 5 lb - Approximately 13,360 Seeds
    • 25 lb - Approximately 66,800 Seeds
  • Wando pea favors soil that"s steadily moist. Early-in-the-day watering is best. Not watering foliage discourages diseases from festering. Also ideal for late planting and produces a continuous crop. Seeds sprout as early as 6-14 days. It is resilient to drought and hot weather conditions.

    Additional Facts and Information

    Abounding in Vitamins A, B3, B9, C, beta-carotene, zinc and iron, dietary fibers, and proteins, Wando pea is a perfect choice for home gardening and market growers alike because of its adaptability to weather restrictions. Completes any salad or soup dish, stir fries, stews and dips; can be used in a variety of ways in cooking whether fresh, frozen, or canned. Picking beans while they are young and tender will cause them to flourish abundantly. Frozen peas will be preserved up to one year.

    Non-GMO " Organic - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate
    Seeds for: Vegetable Gardening
    Mountain Valley Seed Company Brand " Premium Quality Seeds

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