Ornamental Millet Seeds - Purple Majesty


63 " 77 days. Purple Majesty millet seeds are a simple, exotic, and award-winning grow ideal for many hot and humid gardens. Purple Majesty seeds mature into robust 36 " 60" tall blades of burgundy and bronze, perfect for accenting alongside walkways, borders, fences, or patios. Purple Majesty millet is a 2003 AAS Flower Winner for its tolerance to drought, heat, and poor soils. Purple Majesty seeds blend well to other dark ground covers including coleus, alternanthera, and heuchera. 100 seeds.

AnnualNon-GMOAAS Winner

Growing Purple Majesty Ornamental Millet Garden Seeds

Purple Majesty millet is traditionally grown outside and grows so large that there is little reason to ever grow plants indoors. Pennisetum glaucum should germinate in less than 7 days with full lighting. Lightly press without covering 3 " 4 Purple Majesty millet seeds in dry, medium moist, and well-drained soil in full sun. Once established, Purple Majesty millet performs well in regions prone to drought, heat, and poor soils. Pennisetum glaucum is not susceptible to any pests or diseases. Millet grass seeds mature in 63 " 77 days as 36 " 60" tall grassy uprights with a 32 " 48" spread of wide-bladed and symmetrical ornamental grass and 8 " 12" flowering spikes.

Pennisetum glaucum, or otherwise known as Millet, is one of the most widely produced varieties of millet and is native to Africa and Asia, but has since been naturalized throughout most of the world. Millet is one of the most popular grows in the entire world more than 2 dozens names in just Africa alone.

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