Painted Mountain Corn Organic Seeds
Painted Mountain Corn Organic Seeds
Organic Painted Mountain Corn Seed Packet
Organic Painted Mountain Corn Bulk Seeds

- Originally developed in Montana by Dave Christensen over the past 30 years, Painted corn is extremely cold and drought tolerant and can be eaten fresh, roasted, made itno cornmeal, cornbread or chips.

Corn Seeds - Flour - Painted Mountain (Organic)


90 Days to maturity. Zea mays. Painted Mountain Organic Corn Seeds. Non-GMO, warm season annual, certified organic, open-pollinated, heirloom, Flour Corn. Suitable for growing in garden plots or raised beds. Corn generally tolerates heat and drought-prone regions. Painted Mountain Organic Corn is both cold and drought-tolerant due to the extensive development done by Dave Christensen. Over the past 50 years, Painted Mountain corn has been developed from over 70 native heirlooms. Painted Mountain corn grows about 5 feet tall, producing ears about 7 inches long. Painted Mountain makes very tasty cornmeal for muffins, cornbread, or chips. This corn can also be eaten fresh or roasted in the early "milk" stage. Painted Mountain corn seed has an amazing level of protein at 13 percent. Excellent for an OP corn. Very hard to find this hardy strain. ~112 seeds/oz.


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