Organic Cucumber Lemon Seeds
Non-GMO Organic Cucumber Lemon Seed Packet
Organic Cucumber Lemon Bulk Seeds

- A uniquely round and yellow variety that develops in just 65 days making it easy to plant in succession for a steady harvest.

Cucumber Seeds - Lemon - Organic


(65 days) The Lemon Cucumber was introduced in 1894. Yummy little striped round balls of sunshine goodness! I love lemon cucumbers because they are almost sweet and have none of the unpleasant belching afterward. I even eat them straight out of the garden. Lemon cucumbers are crunchy, have non-bitter skin and are about the size of a tennis ball, although I prefer them a bit smaller. Lemon cucumbers are quite prolific and, at least here in our gardens, don't seem to be bothered by much. We refrigerator pickle them so there was no surprise when I read the descriptions below that said Lemon was used to make pickles.


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