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Organic Herb Seed Collection. 8 Varieties. Annuals and Perennials. Non-GMO. The Organic Herb Seed Collection is handpicked of 8 of the most popular garden and culinary kitchen herbs such as arugula, basil, chives, cilantro, dill, oregano, sage, and thyme. Whether growing in the garden, patio, or kitchen countertop, the 8 Organic Herb Seed Collection features both annual and perennial herbs beloved for their classic aromatics, flavor, and ornamental decor. ~4,600 seeds per collection.

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About Organic 8-Pack Herb Seed Collection

Additionally, this entire collection of 8 varieties of herb seeds are all Organic, which means they are non-GMO and no synthetic or chemical pesticides or fertilizers were used throughout the entire growing, harvesting, handling, and packaging process. Planting instructions and individual product descriptions are found on the back of each packet.

Fresh Organic herbs at scissors reach are a must in the kitchen. This 8 variety collection of herb seeds includes all the culinary go-to"s that you"ll want to grow in your own herb garden.

Inside the Organic 8 Herb Seed Collection

ArugulaPDF icon (Eruca vesicaria sativa) - Organic Slow Bolt arugula seeds are perfectly suited for gardeners in regions with shorter springs and hotter summers still wanting to try a cool weather classic out in the garden. Often referred to by a variety of names across Europe such as "“garden rocket" and "“rucola", culinary arugula is a Mediterranean staple that is grown, harvested, and prepared very similarly to headless lettuce. Organic non-GMO arugula seeds are a bright and peppery addition to leafy Mesclun salad mixes along with oakleaf lettuce, red chard, tatsoi, and frisee.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) - No summer garden is complete without the bright flavor and aroma of basil, one of the staples of all Mediterranean cuisine. Basil is the quintessential "“windowsill" herb as it grows just as readily in any sunny window as it does out in the garden. Basil is one of the many aromatic herbs in the mint family Lamiaceae and grows, flowers, and prunes very similar to peppermint. Unlike the drought tolerant perennials featured in Herbs de Provence, basil is a tender annual that requires daily watering to ensure flavor.

Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) - A member of the onion family along with garlic and leeks, chives are a smaller, more tubular relative boasting more delicate flavors than larger root crops. Chives are known for a tenacious weed-like vigor and, like many herbs, require little attention once established. Although drought tolerant, keep chives watered for best flavor.

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) - Widely known throughout the world as coriander, cilantro plant is cultivated just as popularly for its flavorful seeds as it is for its robust, aromatic greens. Culinary cilantro has become a choice indoor variety for indoor, countertop, and windowsill gardening for easy cooking access. Grow culinary cilantro alongside microgreens, wheatgrass, or sprouts!

Dill (Anethum graveolens) - Although a popular herb and spice used in many preparations, dill is also kept in the garden as a vital companion plant to asparagus, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, onion, and anything in the cabbage family (Brassicaceae). Dill is a favorite to attract necessary pollinators while known to rid the garden of troublesome aphids, spider mites, and cabbage loopers.

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) - Like many species from the Lamiaceae family such as mint and balm, oregano produces a rhizome root system which is responsible for making the genus Origanum fairly invasive and hard to kill. Once established, oregano will readily reseed itself and stay in your garden for as long as you"ll have it around. Weed-like and hardy after its first overwintering, oregano is commonly known as a "Ëœwild marjoram" for having a woodier, earthier habit and flavor than true marjoram.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) - Similar to rosemary, oregano, and thyme, culinary sage is an herbaceous, woody perennial grown for flavor and its ability to overwinter outdoors. Common sage produces a uniquely soft set of leaves closely resembling that of the famed ornamental Lamb"s Ear. Once established, sage is one of the most vigorous, deeply rooted herbs available.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) - Thyme is quick to germinate, easy to maintain, and truly one of the most effortless herbs to establish in any garden. Native to the shallow and rocky soils of the Mediterranean hills, thyme has a weed-like hardiness and is able to thrive in some of the most difficult gardens across the country. Similar to rosemary, lavender, and oregano, mature thyme develops a thick and woody base able to allow the plant to overwinter in more northern regions down to -20°F. Thyme is an ideal herb for container gardening as it thrives from the reliable drainage offered by pots.

How to Grow the Organic 8-Pack Herb Seed Collection

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While many of the perennials featured in this collection such as sage, thyme, and oregano grow very similar to one another, herbs such as arugula, basil, and cilantro are tender annuals that perform very differently in the garden and kitchen countertop. Browse our Complete List of Herb Growing Guides for step-by-step tips on how to get the most from your Organic 8 Herb seeds.

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