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  • Truly one of the best birdseed mixes available, the True Leaf Organic Bird Seed Mix features 13 varieties of Organic sprouting seeds for birds including Black Oil sunflower seeds, millet seeds, and quinoa seeds. Wholesale and Bulk bird seed available.

    Individual Seeds for Birds:


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    Organic Wild Bird Seed Mix

    Includes: Organic Millet, Organic Daikon Radish, Organic Adzuki Bean, Organic Mung bean, Organic Wheat, Organic French Lentil, Organic Red Lentil, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Black Oil Sunflower, and Organic Flax (or Organic Chia, depending on seasonal availability)

    Organic Bird Seed Mix is one of our best sellers among both friends and fowls. Our handselected Bird Seed Mix is one of the most diverse and best bird seed mixes as it features more than a dozen bird-approved seeds including Sunflower seeds for birds, millet for birds, quinoa for birds, and wheat for birds.

    While most of the top-selling bird seed mixes only feature up to 6-8 varieties of seeds, the True Leaf Market Organic Bird Seed Mix delivers 13 types of Organic bird seed for both domesticated and wild birds.

    Not sure what to feed birds? No need to go rummaging through your kitchen for old bread and seeds when the Organic Bird Seed Mix features every seed your birds could want to feed on.

    Don't let the name fool you because the Organic Bird Seed Mix is just as healthy and delicious for humans as it is for birds. The 13 varieites of seeds features some of the most cherished sprouting seeds available, all of which can be easily sprouted in 2-3 days for fresh and Organic snacking, cooking, or milling.

    Organic Bird Seed Mix is available in wholesale and for bulk bird seed quantities up to 35 lbs.

    How To Sprout Birdseed Mix

    Complete Seed Sprouting Instructions

    If sprouting seeds for wild bird food, you only need a minimum of 6-8 hours to adequately soften the seeds for both domesticated and wild birds. For a "true" seed sprout, allow seeds to soak overnight (10-12 hours) similar to preparing seeds for baking use.

    If using for human consumption, note that each of the 13 seeds softens and germinates at different times, making it tricky to time them all when compared to smaller sprout mixes such as 3 Part Salad Mix or 5 Part Salad Mix.

    Seed sprouting is 100% hydroponic and requires nothing more than water and some type of a Sprouting Jar, Sprouting Tray, or Sprouting Bag, all of which are completely reusbale and dishwasher safe. Remember that, unlike microgreens, sprouting does not rely on an soil or mediums to germinate seeds, helping to keep your kitchen and countertops clean.

    After having presoaked your Bird Mix Seed for the 8-6 hours, be sure that you have properly rinsed sprouts 2-3 times per day and before serving.

    Rinsing your sprouts 2-3 times daily during their brief growing period rids them of carbon dioxide and natural metabolic waste shed during germination. Without daily rinsing, this natural waste will quickly mold and spoil any sprout garden in just a matter of days.

    Most seeds are clean, stainless, and odorless and only require a light rinsing to wash away decaying microscopic material.

    Sprouting Organic Bird Seed

    What to Feed Birds?

    Birds are survivors and foragers that naturally thrive on grubs, larvae, worms, fruits, vegetabeles, and seeds. While birds will eat nearly any seed in the event of a crisis, birds typically are fairly selective with the type of seed they prefer.

    Seeds provide a nice supplemental nutrition to both domesticated and wild birds. Naturally fatty seeds such as Black Oil sunflower and flax help to keep wildbirds warm for the winter.

    Be sure not to exclusively feed your pet birds a seed-only diet because, like us humans, a diet so heavily concentrated in fats is never ideal. Wild birds are likely to make better use from the high fat content.

    Best Bird Seed for Birdfeeders

    Organic Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are arguably the most popular seed for both domesticated and wild birds. Black Oil Sunflower seeds generally make up a bulk of many bird seed mixes because of their healthy and fatty oil content.

    Organic Millet Seeds are nearly as prized as Black Oil sunflower seeds, as millet is typically found in most mixes along with sunflower. As a small seed, millet is a one of the most popularly foraged seeds among birds.

    Organic Quinoa Seeds are one of the healthier grains available to both humans and birds. Similar to millet, quinoa seeds are small, thin-shelled and ideal for foraging.

    Organic Lentil Seeds are one of the fastest sprouting seeds available, typically soft and germinated within 48 hours. Broadly speaking, legumes such as lentil, clover, pea, and peanuts are great for birds.

    Organic Flax Seeds are small, easy to digest, and boast a high fat content similar to Black Oil sunflower. Although flax takes longer to germinate, it is naturally a soft seed and should be ready to eat after an overnight soaking.

    Organic Bird Seed Mix seeds

    Suet for Birds

    You don't need a fancy birdfeeder or even a DIY birdfeeder to still provide wild birds with plenty of nutritional seeds.

    Suet cakes are some of the most popular treats for birds as they are jam packed with some of the healthiest fats and calories to help sustain wild birds for winter or long travels.

    DIY suet cakes are similar to no-bake cookies, in that you simply lump a trail mix of raw ingredients together and wait for them to solidify with the help of solid fats, most commonly lard.

    Homemade Suet

    • 1 cup lard
    • 2 cup (raw or sprouted) Organic Bird Seed mix
    • 1 cup (raw or sprouted) sproated oat seed
    • 1 cup yellow cornmeal
    • Optional: 1 cup raisins
    • Optional: 1 cup peanut butter

    Once you've mixed all of your ingredients together, simply put them into a mold or tray and allow to harden in the regrigerator overnight.

    Bird Seed Sprouting Supplies

    Whether for birds or people, seed sprouting is one of the simplest ways to increase the potential available nutrients and vitamins in all raw seeds. By soaking your seeds for anywhere from 8-12 hours, you begin the process of germination in which the seed must access its dormant nutrients to begin maturing.

    Seed sprouting is clean, easy, and 100% hydroponic. Check out some of our most popular hydroponic seed sprouters to help you get the most from the Organic Bird Seed Mix.

    Non-GMO Organic Bird Seed Mix is available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $75.