Bunching Crimson Forest Onion
Bunching Crimson Forest Onion
Onion Seeds Crimson Forest Seed Packet
Crimson Forest Onion Bunching Seeds Bag

- A high yielding onion with a unique flavor that is used in salads.

Onion Seeds - Bunching - Crimson Forest


60-69 Days to maturity. Allium fistulosum. Crimson Forest Bunching Onion Seeds. Non-GMO, perennial, open-pollinated, heirloom, bunching onion. Suitable for growing in greenhouses, garden plots, raised beds, and containers. Crimson Forest bunching onions grow in high yields with a unique flavor. They are most desired for their red and green coloration, bringing both color and flavor to any dish they are added to. ~9,000 seeds/oz.


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