Okra Seeds - Hill Country Red Close Up
non gmo hill country red okra seed packet
Bulk Hill Country Red Okra Seeds

- Unique for its thick green pods tinted red at the ends and stems doing very well in the heat.

Okra Seeds - Hill Country Red


60-70 days. Hill Country Red Okra Seeds. Abelmoschus esculentus. Non-GMO. Heirloom. Hill Country Red okra seeds mature to 6 feet tall and is a good producer of thick green pods tinted with red at their ends and stems. Pods are deeply ribbed and have a firm texture with light yellow seeds inside. Okra seeds thrive in the heat and are 6" long when fully mature, but are most tender when picked at 2-3" long. They gain their deep red tint as they mature. Harvest often to keep them coming. ~500 seeds per ounce.

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