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55-70 days. Emerald Okra Seeds - Non-GMO, Abelmoschus esculentus. These heirloom Emerald okra plants are 5-8 feet tall and produce smooth bright green 7" long pods. They were developed and used by Campbell"s Soup Company in the 1950"s. The pods keep their green color when cooked and stay tender at bigger sizes. For the best flavor, pick at 4".

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Growing Emerald Okra Garden Seeds

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These okra seeds are slow to germinate. In order to speed up this process, soak them overnight before planting. They should be sown directly in full sun in either a garden or a container. Be sure to sow them after the final frost, as they are not resistant to the cold. They can however, survive droughts, and do best when grown in the summer. Sow seeds ½" deep in soil. Fertilizer may be helpful to enrich the soil for ideal growth. Seeds should be planted 3-4" apart and thinned to be 12" apart after 2 weeks, or one week after they have sprouted. After 55-70 days, plants reach around 7 feet in height, and produce pods that should be harvested when 2-4" long rather than harvesting them when they are fully mature at 7" long, as they will lose their tender texture if left on the plant for too long. Harvest them continually.

Additional Facts and Information

This variety is ideal for using in soups and cooked dishes. It was created by Campbell"s soup to add tender flavor to their soups. Pods can be eaten raw, but are most flavorful when baked or grilled. These okra are best when harvested young, but unlike other varieties, they hold some of their tenderness when allowed to grow to their full length.

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