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50 days. Blondy Okra Seeds - Non-GMO, Abelmoschus esculentus. Blondy is an AAS winning dwarf Okra great for short seasons. Named after its plentiful creamy light green spineless pods, this plant is a dwarf, growing 3-4" tall, shorter than the average okra plant. Pods are best when harvested at 3 inches, but grow to be 6-7" when fully mature. Pods are spineless and ribbed. A great addition to the home garden, these plants are quick to mature and produce plentiful harvests.

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Growing Blondy Okra Garden Seeds

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These okra plants don't need more than 50 days to produce tender pale yellow pods. They require full sun and rich soil that is well drained. Seeds can be soaked overnight for a faster germination. Sow seeds ½" deep in rows 3-4" apart with plants 15-18" apart. Seeds can also be started closer to one another and thinned out after seedlings are 2 weeks old. After 7-14 days, seedlings sprout. Beware of weeds and overly moist soil, and they should thrive. Plants grow 3-4" tall, and will begin to grow pale yellow pods. They can grow up to 7" long, but for the best results, harvest them when they are 3" long. Continue harvesting pods all season and they will keep growing!

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These okra have a unique color, so pale yellow that they are almost white. They are delicious when served roasted, grilled, added to a stir fry, or used in a gumbo. This plant is a great choice for home growers, as it doesn't take up as much space or take as long as other okra plants.

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