Coco Coir Netted Seed Starter Pellets - Unamended


Minute Soil netted expanding coconut coir seed starter pellets are made from pure, unamended, sustainable, renewable coconut coir. Dried, compressed, and netted germination plugs, just add water for soil and pot all in one. Expands in seconds to a self-contained seed starter plug with a perfect grow medium with high water holding capacity... perfect for growing garden seedlings to transplant size. Minute Soil netted pellets eliminate the mess and hassle of loose soil and the need for pots or other accessories.

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Netted Seed Starter Pellets - Unamended 

Coco coir pellets are made from a sustainable, renewable resource, unlike peat which is quickly disappearing as a resource. Coco coir holds more water for a more forgiving garden growing experience and produces less mold than peat pellets. Coco coir also provides more aeration than soil, peat and other grow media, which helps germination and oxygenate roots for strong garden seedlings overall. When transplanting, simply plant the full seedling plug. The whole process is mess-free and easy with no root loss or transplant shock. Water and fertilize as needed. Coconut coir pellets hold up to 9x their weight in water and hold on to water much more efficiently than peat pellets or other grow mediums, making more water available to your garden seedlings and less evaporation.

Minute Soil Coconut Coir Netted Seed Starter Pellets

  • Soil & Pot All in One
  • Less Mess than Bagged Soil & Pots
  • Just Add Water & Plants

Superior to Peat Pellets in Every Way

  • Coco Coir is a Renewable Resource
  • Pellets Have High Water Holding Capacity (9x it's on weight)
  • More Aeration
  • Less Mold Than Peat Pellets
  • Stronger Roots & Germination
  • No Root Loss or Transplant Shock when transplanting to garden soil.

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