Mustard Seeds - Small Gai Choi
Mustard Seeds - Small Gai Choi
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Mustard Seeds - Small Gai Choi


35 to 45 Days to maturity. Brassica juncea var. capitata. Small Gai Choi Mustard Seeds. Heirloom. Cool season annual. This heirloom Chinese mustard green is very vigorous and productive. It is a non-heading type of mustard, with large stalks and fan-shaped tender green leaves that are a bit wrinkled. It’s leaves are spicy, similar to good Wasabi mustard, making it a kay ingredient in many spicy Asian dishes. This variety is fairly heat-tolerant so it is a good summer plant for your garden. This may bolt in the spring or in cold weather. Approx 22,300 seeds / oz.


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