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80 Days. Artemisia vulgaris. Open-pollinated. Non-GMO. Annual. Although known mostly as a tenacious garden weed in the midwestern United States, non-GMO heirloom mugwort seeds have been grown and foraged for hundreds of years as an essential medicinal herb. Native to arid and challenging gardens with poor soils, mugwort is a choice greenery to grow in open-pollinated xeriscaped gardens. As a culinary garden herb, mugwort is widely grown throughout the world to season meats, stews, soups, and dumplings. Annual mugwort seeds are experiencing a renaissance here in the states as a calming and soothing tea leaf used to aid in blood circulation, dreaming, and acupuncture treatment. Wholesale paper packets and bulk seeds available. ~317,800 seeds per ounce.

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Growing Non-GMO Mugwort Culinary Herb Garden Seeds

Non-GMO mugwort seeds grow a vigorous cool-season garden favorite with a weed-like hardiness best if sown directly either in spring or late fall. Open-pollinated mugwort seeds are traditionally cold stratified ("“refrigerated") 2-4 weeks prior to sowing to accelerate germination, mimicking winter garden conditions. Lightly press without covering 3-4 mugwort seeds per hole 10-12" apart in fertile, well-drained garden soil in full sun to partial shade. Non-GMO mugwort seeds germinate in 7-21 days, thin back every 24" in the garden. Heirloom Artemisia vulgaris grows so vigorously that it is considered a noxious weed to Midwestern regions in the United States, whose propogation and dissemination should be minimized. Naturalized to dry and arid soils, non-GMO mugwort is susceptible to root rot in overly moist, poorly-drained gardens.

Artemisia vulgaris is a hardy open-pollinated heirloom that has often been overshadowed by its more popular and controversial cousin Artemisia absinthium, or more commonly known as absinthe or wormwood. There are about a dozen cultivars of mugwort, with each being naturalized to different countries and their respective climates. Heirloom mugwort has traditionally been grown in the garden for its herbal and medicinal properties, experiencing a renaissance as an essential tea.

Wholesale Non-GMO Mugwort Culinary Herb Garden Seeds Per Package:

  • 250 mg - Wholesale - Approximately 2,800 Seeds
  • 7 g - Wholesale - Approximately 79,000 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 317,800 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 1,271,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 5,084,000 Seeds

Heirloom Mugwort culinary herb garden seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $45.

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