Marigold Seeds - Nematode Control
Marigold Seeds - Nematode Control
Marigold Seeds - Nematode Control Flower Packaging

Marigold Seeds - Nematode Control


60-70 Days to maturity. Tagetes patula. Nematode Control Marigold Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, open-pollinated. This drought-tolerant and deer-resistant marigold is an outstanding tool in any gardener’s tool belt. As a specially cultivated French marigold variety, nematode control marigolds promise to repel nematodes in the soil anywhere that they are grown and then tilled into the soil as a cover crop. Marigold roots naturally release a compound that repels nematodes and other soil-dwelling pests. This one is one of the best choices for this job! It is the perfect way to reduce unnecessary synthetic pesticide use. ~ 6,100 seeds/oz.


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