Edible Marigold Minuta Sale
Edible Marigold Minuta Sale
Marigold Seeds - Minuta, Edible
Minuta Marigold, Edible - Seeds - Bulk Wholesale
non gmo minuta edible marigold microgreens seed packet

- These low maintenance Marigolds are also edible and can be grown as microgreens.

Marigold Microgreens Seeds - Minuta, Edible


7-10 days. Minuta edible Marigold microgreen seeds are one of many flowering seeds that can be enjoyed within days of germination. Minuta Marigold seeds sprout light pink stems and wide serrated leaves that complement the earthy and minty flavors. Minuta edible Marigolds are low-maintenance and can be quickly grown out of the way in the kitchen and cut fresh as a garnish to any savory dish. Microgreens grow fast and practically right before your eyes, so taste early and often to harvest at peak flavor!


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