Marigold - Cracker Jack - Mix
Marigold - Cracker Jack - Mix
non gmo cracker jack marigold seed bag
cracker jack marigold seed packet

African Marigold Seeds - Cracker Jack


77-84 days. Heirloom. Non-GMO. Tagetes erecta. Crackerjack seeds grow a vibrant golden orange and yellow mix of the famous African Marigold that promises to excite your porch, patio, and garden. Cracker Jack seeds grow summer-hardy marigolds reaching as high as 36" tall showing off brilliant, AAS award-winning 3-5½" blooms. Cracker Jack marigold is a unique, floral shop favorite used as a bright orange substitute to hydrangea. Cracker Jack African marigold seeds grow tenacious garden performers noted by AAS judges for "large fully double blooms" and being "fade resistant." ~6,100 seeds/oz.


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