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75-85 days. Marianna's Peace Tomato Seeds. Solanum lycoperscium. Indeterminate. Non-GMO. Open Pollinated. Marianna's Peace tomato seeds produce a large, one-pound red tomato, with a nice balanced tomato flavor, both sweet and acidic, often rated very highly for flavor alone. Marianna's Peace beefsteak was developed from seeds going back to well before World War II, in what is now the Czech Republic. This is a medium-sized red tomato crossed from Brandywine and Beefsteak cultivars. ~7,500 seeds/oz.

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Growing Heirloom Marianna's Peace Tomato Vegetable Garden Seeds

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How to Grow Marianna's Peace Tomatoes from Seed

Marianna's Peace tomato seeds are a warm weather crop best if started indoors about 6-8 weeks prior to final spring frost. Plant 2-3 tomato seeds 1/4" deep per cell in fertile, humusy, and well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-6.8. Beefsteak-style seeds germinate in 5-14 days, transplant best starts to 1 per pot or 18-36" apart in the garden. Although larger beefsteak tomatoes, Marianna's Peace is still excellent in container gardening.

Marianna's Peace seeds produce an indeterminate tomato crop. Before sowing, know whether the seed is determinate or indeterminate, as each will exhibit different habits. Determinate varieties mature to a predetermined size, producing its fruit all at once with only a minor need for staking. Indeterminate varieties grow indefinitely through the season, producing non-stop fruit while requiring heavy support.

Heirloom Marianna's Peace Tomatoes in the Vegetable Garden

Heirloom tomato seeds are the quintessential staple of summer gardening and arguably offers the most seed diversity among all seasonal fruits.

Available in every possible color, shape, and size, tomato is a high-heat and full sun favorite that thrives from container and patio gardening. Along with cucumber and summer squash, the tomato plant is one of the most productive, hardy, and heavy fruiting crops of the season.

Harvesting Marianna's Peace Tomatoes

Smaller varieties such as the cherry are ready to harvest at about 80 days from sowing while larger varieties like the beefsteak may require a few extra weeks. Although vine-ripened fruit is always preferred, tomatoes can just as easily be harvested early and ripen indoors by being stored in a paper bag or box along with a banana for its ethylene gas. Ripest tomatoes may be pulled from the vine by hand, while more firm ones should be clipped with shears.

About Marianna's Peace Tomato Seeds

Solanum lycoperscium. (75-85 days). Indeterminate w/ Potato Leaf.

Marianna's Peace is an old Czechoslovakia heirloom that produces a 1-2 lb pink beefsteak tomato.

The flavor is deep, creamy, very complex and sweet.

Just what you would expect from an old heirloom tomato.

Very meaty and similar to Brandywine.

Marianna's Peace Tomato Review:

"I grew these this past summer and they were the best tomatoes I have ever eaten. Marianna's Peace is one of my favorite tomatoes, certainly my favorite or second favorite beefsteak tomato. Fruit has a rich taste, it's sweet with a good balance of acidity to it."


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