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77 " 84 days. Vulcan Red seeds deliver exotic, early-blooming, and easy to grow lobelia plants for especially hot, humid gardens across the country. Vulcan Red lobelia seeds mature into robust 24 " 36" tall columnars for indoor planters or as a neat trimming to your flower bed. Vulcan Red grows one of the most dense and unique blooming stalks in any garden and certainly one of the most vibrant. Vulcan Red lobelia seeds are the perfect eye-catching centerpiece to your summertime baskets, bouquets, and arrangements. 100 seeds.

These seeds cannot ship to Japan.


Growing Vulcan Red Lobelia Garden Seeds

Vulcan Red lobelia seeds are most popularly started indoors 8 " 12 weeks prior to the final frost. Seeds take 14 " 21 days to germinate in full lighting. Lobelia grows very similarly to pansies and linaria and are potted just as popularly indoors as they are outdoors. Plant 2 " 3 Vulcan Red lobelia seeds ¼" deep and 6" apart in Organically rich, consistently moist, and well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Vulcan Red performs well in cool springs and shaded summers. Keep the soil evenly moist and do not let soil dehydrate as it will decrease blooming. Plants will experience heavy die back if not shaded in extreme summers. Lobelia has no susceptibility to any pests or diseases. Vulcan Red lobelia seeds mature in 77 " 84 days as 24 " 36" tall bushy columnars with a 10 " 14" spread of 2" tubular blooms.

Lobelia x speciosa, or more commonly known as Lobelia, is a relative to the bellflower and native to most of southern Africa from Malawi to South Africa. The genus name Lobelia pays homage to 16th century French physician and botanist Matthias de l'Obel. The specific name speciosa means "showy."

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