Lettuce Leaf - Salad Bowl Green - Microgreens Seeds


14 to 16 days"possibly 21 days if growing to baby green stage. AAS Winner. Grow Salad Bowl Green seeds to microgreen stage or to baby green stage and harvest! Loose leaf type. Large, deeply notched and frilled leaves. Tender and sweet microgreen stems and leaves. Approx. 25,000 seeds/oz.

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Growing Salad Bowl Green Lettuce Microgreens Seeds

Prepare your growth mediums by moistening it. Spread seeds evenly across the surface and moisten with a spray bottle. Cover for 3 to 4 days until adequately germinated. Place under a grow light and watch grow. Water regularly. Begin tasting microgreens to mark the change in flavor as they mature, so you'll know when you like to harvest them. The great thing about lettuce microgreens is that you can let them grow to baby green stage, harvesting them anytime between. Avoid too much heat and humidity.


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