Wild Bergamot Herb Seeds - Monarda fistulosa
Wild Bergamot Herb Seeds - Monarda fistulosa
Non-GMO Wild Bergamot Herbs - Monarda fistulosa - Bulk Seeds
monarda fistulose wild bergamot seed packet

- Wile Bergamot is an herb used for teas, perfume, oil, extract and more as it has been used by Native American for generations.

Wild Bergamot Seeds - Bee Balm


60-64 Days. Bergamot Seed - AKA Bee Balm. Monarda fistulosa. Non-GMO, open-pollinated, perennial seed with a high germination rate. Herb can be used for bergamot tea, bergamot perfume, bergamot oil, bergamot extract, and more. The bergamot herb originated in Missouri and has been used by Native Americans to make tea, used for antiseptic properties and other medicinal benefits. Bergamot herb seed germinates successfully and grows in many conditions.~78,183 seeds/oz.

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