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Melissa officinalis Perennial. Non-GMO, Heirloom Lemon Balm Herb Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Melissa officinalis. Lemon Balm resides in the mint family and is native to regions in West Asia, Southern Europe, and the Mediterranean. As an aromatic herb with green arrowhead leaves, Lemon Balm or "“Honey Plant" is a diverse perennial used as medicine and made into citrusy essential oil. Due to its high antioxidant and antiviral properties, Lemon Balm enhances your focus, relieves inflammation, and may help prevent common viral outbreaks.

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Lemon Balm Herb Garden Seeds

Read Full Lemon Balm Herb Growing Guide Instructions

Lemon Balm Herb Growing Habits

Non-GMO (Melissa officinalis) Lemon Balm plants grow as warm perennials with bush-like growth reaching 24-36" tall. Herbaceous and diverse, Lemon Balm will develop quickly and bloom active green leaves with an arrowhead shape and fuzzy texture. Once your Lemon Balm reaches full maturity, this fragrant and leafy herb will give off a bright, citrusy aroma that is similar to honey and attractive to pollinators. Lemon Balm continues throughout the warm season, before it produces small white flowers and goes to seed. As a hardy plant, Lemon Balm may overwinter in more mild climates.

The Aromatherapy Benefits of Lemon Balm Garden Herb

As a member residing in the mint family, Lemon Balm provides a variety of herbal and medicinal remedies such as aiding anxiety and depression or providing pain relief for inflammation. Lemon Balm is a bright, citrusy herb that can also enhance your mood and boost your focus! Due to its antioxidants and fragrant properties, Lemon Balm can be made into essential oil and is a diverse, herbaceous plant that not only sharpens the senses but can aid nausea and digestion.

The Antiviral Benefits of Growing Lemon Balm Herb & Seed

As a warm perennial herb used for its medicinal and fragrant properties, Lemon Balm is hardy and rich in antioxidants such as rosmarinic acid. Topical treatments such as Lemon Balm creams have been made to help aid cold sores and potentially reduce the duration. As an antiviral, Lemon Balm may help in hindering a variety of common viruses!

Lemon Balm Garden Herb Seeds Per Package

  • 500 mg - Approximately 700 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Approximately 40,000 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 160,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 640,000 Seeds

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