Kale - Black Tuscan aka Lacinato or Dinosaur (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds


8-12 days. This microgreen is rich in flavor and nutrients. It emits an aroma similar to other brassicas like mustard, and the flavor is just as bold and nutty, only without the spice, making it ideal for adding flavor to a dish for those with sensitivity to spice or heat.

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Kale - Lacinato (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds 

Growing Directions:

Growing kale microgreens is quite easy; as long as you follow a few basic steps, you should have a plentiful harvest of microgreens in no time.

Prepare your growth medium, whether it be soil or a hydroponic growth mat, by getting it sufficiently moist. Spread seeds evenly across the surface of the growth medium. The denser you sow the seeds, the thicker your crop will turn out. However, be wary of over-seeding, which can lead to to the seeds becoming overcrowded, leading to crop failure. After seeds are sown, cover for three to four days to allow seeds to germinate, and then uncover seeds and place under a grow light or in a place in your home that gets a lot of sunshine (rotate crop if next to a window to prevent "bending" in the microgreens). Continue to water when needed for up to a week and half. By then, you should have a bounty of little greens to incorporate into your meals.

For more detailed instructions on growing, as well as some troubleshooting and tips, please visit our Soil Growing Directions page or our Hydroponic Growing Directions page


Kale is known for it's many health benefits. A few of them include:

  • The metabolites from the glucosinolates contained in kale induce detoxification enzymes, which help fight cancer.
  • Full of antioxidants, including beta-carotene, vitamin C, polyphenols and flavonoids. These help against oxidative damage.
  • High levels of vitamin C, which specifically improves the immune system and help bones stay strong.

Seeds per Package:

  • 1 oz - Approximately 8,000 seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 32,000 seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 128,000 seeds
  • 5 lb - Approximately 640,000 seeds
  • 25 lb - Approximately 3,200,000 seeds

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