Impatiens Seeds - Dazzler Series


70-77 days. Dazzler Series impatiens seeds boast the most popular commercial blooms and nostalgic grows in the United States. Dazzler Series impatiens seeds deliver hardy and early Spring color that will glow all the way up to the frost. Dazzler Series seeds grow vigorous, heat-tolerant impatiens that thrive in a wide variety of humid and shaded gardens. Dazzler Series impatiens seeds mature as compact, yet durable 8-10 inch tall mounds densely packed with 1-2 inch blooms, a perfect annual ground cover to accent any walkway, fencing, or flower bed.


Growing Dazzler Series Impatiens Garden Seeds

For earliest blooming, start Dazzler Series impatiens seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the final frost and transplant once there are two sets of true leaves. Dazzler Series seeds will germinate within 14-21 days with full lighting. If transplanting outside, harden off seedlings into a partially shaded spot in the garden, or an equally moderate place indoors. Plant 2-3 Dazzler Series impatiens seeds ¼ inch deep and 10 inches apart in hummus-rich, fertile, and well-drained soil in partial shade to full shade. Avoid overhead watering to minimize wetting foliage as Dazzler Series impatiens seeds are susceptible to fungal diseases and downy mildew if not properly ventilated. Dazzler Series impatiens will thrive with shade and deadheading as they begin to decline in the long summer months. Impatiens have no serious pests but monitor regularly for slugs and snails. Dazzler Series seeds mature in 70-77 days as 8-10 inch tall dwarfed mounds with a 10 inch wide spread of classic 1-2 inch impatiens blooms available in a variety of classic and original colors.

Impatiens walleriana is native to eastern Africa including Mozambique and Tanzania, but have since become internationally renowned, most notably in the United States. Impatiens is far and wide the absolute most popular flower sold, grown, and cultivated in the United States for many years due in large part to its ease of culture and steady, robust flowering from spring to frost. The genus Impatiens is translated from Latin meaning "impatient" in reference to its speedy and violent seed discharge from the ripe pods. The specific epithet walleriana pays homage to 19th century British missionary Horace Waller who was considered an African writer and ardent abolitionist to the continent's slave trade.

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