Hibiscus Seeds - Luna Series


70 " 84 days. Luna Series hibiscus seeds promise robust and long-lasting blooms to your garden when other flowers can not. Luna Series seeds grow vigorous, frost-hardy hibiscus that thrives in a wide range of cool and well-shaded North American gardens. Luna Series seeds are quick to mature into durable 24 " 36" tall bushy uprights dazzling with enormous 6 " 8" 5-pedaled hibiscus blooms in a signature choice of Pink Swirl, Red Improved, Rose, White, and Mix. Luna Series hibiscus seeds are an ideal accent to walkways and flowerbeds but most popularly grown freely among wildflower mixes and wide open spaces. 100 seeds.


Growing Luna Series Hibiscus Garden Seeds

Hibiscus generally grows so hardy and vigorously that there is little reason to start seeds indoors. Sow directly after final frost in a sunny spot and shelter from strong winds. However, for earliest blooming, start Luna Series seeds indoors 6 " 8 weeks prior. Hibiscus seeds may take 14 " 21 days to germinate with full lighting. Harden off seedlings to a warm, sunny spot if transplanting outside. Plant 2 " 3 Luna Series hibiscus seeds ¼" deep and 18" apart in Organically rich, evenly moist, and well-drained soil in full sun. Hibiscus does not tolerate drought. Avoid overhead watering to minimize wetting foliage as Luna Series is susceptible to leaf spots, blights, rusts, and canker if not properly ventilated. No serious pests but monitor regularly for aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, and Japanese beetles. Plants will benefit from deadheading of spent blooms as summer continues. Luna Series hibiscus seeds mature in 70 " 84 days as 24 " 36" tall bushy uprights with an 18 " 24" spread of enormous 6 " 8" 5-petaled blooms in a signature choice of Pink Swirl, Red Improved, Rose, White, and Mix.

Hibiscus moscheutos, or otherwise best known as Hardy Hibiscus or Swamp Rose Mallow, is native to North American wetlands, swamps, and floodplains including Texas and the eastern seaboard well into Canada. Hibiscus is a favorite amongst bird enthusiasts because the enormous bloom is a popular source of nectar for larger birds. The genus Hibiscus is translated from Latin meaning "“mallow."

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