Black Krim Tomato Seeds
Black Krim Tomato Seeds
Black Krim Tomato Seeds Packet

- [\"Black Krim produces beefsteak tomatoes that are 4' long by 5 1/2\" wide with a unique mahogany coloration.\"]

Tomato Seeds - Slicing - Black Krim


75 Days to maturity (from transplant). Solanum lycopersicum. Black Krim Tomato Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, open-pollinated, heirloom, heat tolerant, indeterminate, slicing tomato. Suitable for growing in garden plots, raised beds, and greenhouses. Resistant to Disorders. Also known as Black Crimea as this tomato originates along the Black Sea in Crimea. This tomato is highly sought after for its juiciness and unique flavor profile. Allegedly the seeds of this tomato were spread by soldiers after the Crimean War. In 1990 Lars Olov Rosenstrom is credited with introducing this tomato to the United States from Sweden. ~25 seeds per packet.


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