Heirloom Sunflower Seed Collection - 5 Pack


90 - 110 days. Growing 5 Varieties of sunflower seeds is the easiest and most economical way to bring bold, vibrant, and diverse pairings of color at a discounted price. 5 Varieties seeds are available for bundle savings with 5 individually packaged varieties of some of the most popular sunflowers including Velvet Queen, Sunspot, Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear, and Mammoth. 5 Varieties seeds include some of the hardiest and most drought tolerant sunflowers ranging from 2 " 12' tall with brilliant 8 " 12" heads bursting of spectacular color. 5 Varieties of seeds are ideal for showcasing varied blooming along the back of a garden, fence, or any wide open spaces all summer long.


Sunflower Garden Seeds - 5 Pack

Some seed substitutions may apply. This collection may have up to 2 seed substitutions, typically of a very similar variety to the one listed. This is due to a combination of seasonal demand and other factors that affect seed availability. Please refer to this article for more information.

5 Varieties sunflowers are packaged individually by variety, but still follow the same general growing instructions. Sunflowers grow so vigorously that there is little reason to start seeds indoors. Sow 5 Varieties seeds directly after final frost in a sunny spot at the north end of the garden and shelter from strong winds. Young sunflowers may need staking, but will branch into vigorous garden performers. 5 Varieties will take 7 " 21 days for germination. Plant 2 " 3 seeds 12" deep and 18 " 24" apart in average, loamy, and well-drained soil in full sun. Always plant tall sunflowers at the north end of a garden because it will not take long for it to overshadow a poorly planned garden. Adjust staking and wind protection as 5 Varieties sunflowers mature. Plants are heat and drought tolerant, but susceptible to mold and mildew in poorly-drained soil. Monitor regularly for foliage-eating caterpillars and beetles, but 5 Varieties of sunflowers have no serious pests or diseases. 5 Varieties of sunflowers will generally all mature within in 90 - 110 days with various mature plants ranging from 24 " 144" tall with an assortment of 8 " 12" heads.

Helianthus annuus is native to the prairies, plains, and meadows of western North America including temperate regions of Canada and Mexico. Many Native American tribes traditionally would plant sunflowers on the north end of their gardens as the "fourth sister" to their "“three sisters" staple crops of corn, beans, and squash.

A common misconception about flowering Helianthus annuus heads is that they track the sun across the sky. Immature sunflower buds will exhibit this tendency, while mature heads are fixed throughout the day, generally facing an eastern direction. The leaves and foliage, however, will lean towards the sun for full light advantage.

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