sunflower 5 pack flowers
sunflower 5 pack flowers

Heirloom Sunflower Seed Collection - 5 Pack


90 - 110 days. Growing 5 Varieties of sunflower seeds is the easiest and most economical way to bring bold, vibrant, and diverse pairings of color at a discounted price. 5 Varieties seeds are available for bundle savings with 5 individually packaged varieties of some of the most popular sunflowers including Velvet Queen, Sunspot, Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear, and Mammoth. 5 Varieties seeds include some of the hardiest and most drought tolerant sunflowers ranging from 2-12' tall with brilliant 8-12" heads bursting of spectacular color. 5 Varieties of seeds are ideal for showcasing varied blooming along the back of a garden, fence, or any wide open spaces all summer long.


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