Culinary Herb Seeds Collection


This Heirloom, Non-GMO, Culinary Herb Collection is handpicked of 10 of the most popular heirloom herbs both in and out of the garden. Featuring both annuals and perennials, Culinary Herb Collection will keep the kitchen in fresh herbs all year long. Download Free Herb Growing Guide PDF  


Choose from the following options:

  • Collection - Sustainable Seed Culinary Herb Seeds Collection and Growing Guide, 10 Non- GMO Heirloom Varieties: Thyme, Parsley, Mustard, Fennel, Dill, Cilantro, Arugula, Basil, Rosemary, and Oregano.
  • Collection & Pellets - The Collection, Growing Guide, and 8 x netted coconut coir soil pucks. Our 30mm Minute Soil seed starting pellets are made out of sustainable, renewable pure coconut coir. Just add water, plant, and transplant seedlings directly in biodegradable netting.
  • Collection & Greenhouse - The Collection, Growing Guide, and a plastic greenhouse containing 20 coconut coir seed starting pellets.
  • 3 Collections - Save on money and shipping by bundling three collections together.  

Product Information:

  • 10 PACK CULINARY HERB ASSORTMENT - Featuring Thyme seeds, Parsley seeds, Mustard seeds, Fennel seeds, Dill seeds, Cilantro seeds (or Sage depending on seasonality), Arugula seeds, Basil seeds, Rosemary seeds, and Oregano seeds. Includes collectible illustrated 64-page full color "Herb Growing Guide" for herb garden growing tips.
  • HERB SEEDS VARIETY PACK INDOOR GARDEN - Grow culinary herbs seeds indoors from your kitchen countertop alongside any indoor garden kit, seed starter kit, or sprouting kit. Including basil and lavender, our herb seeds assortment boasts the most fragrant herbs for growing as indoor plant seeds.
  • HEIRLOOM SEEDS FOR HERB GARDEN - Grow with an indoor herb garden or transplant heirloom seeds outdoors with any seed starting kit. Culinary 10 herbs seeds collection features the best non-GMO outdoor garden seeds for planting soil, lavender seeds for planting, and cilantro seeds for planting.
  • FREE NON-GMO HERB PLANTING GUIDE - Collectible 64-page full-color booklet with detailed instructions to grow herb plant seeds including basic planting terms, lighting, indoor and outdoor seed starting, watering, and pest control. Convenient and helpful booklet for herb garden kits for adults.
  • SEED VARIETY GIFT COLLECTION - Give the gift of gardening with heirloom herb seeds for an indoor herb garden, or outside alongside vegetable seeds for planting outdoors. Culinary 10 heirloom seeds herb collection comes complete with a grow guide and decorative resealable bag for easy gift giving.

PDF icon Download Free Herb Growing Guide PDF

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