Robust Barley seeds - Non-GMO
Robust Barley seeds - Non-GMO

- A high yielding, six rowed barley with good kernel plumpness, lodging resistance, and can be used for malting, feed, or pearled.

Barley Seeds - Robust


Hordeum vulgare
Robust Barley seed

Robust is a high yielding, six-rowed barley.

Robust is characterized by good kernel plumpness and good lodging resistance. It is used for malting, feed or can be pearled.

Malting characteristics: Robust barley Lends wort, a deep reddish hue when used at 5% of the grist or more. Can be especially useful as a color enhancer for low-alcohol, non-alcohol, and light beers. Aromatic odor of mash and rate of filtration is normal.

Can be spring or summer planted. Robust sow rate is 2 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft. Aprox. 14, 200 seeds per pound.

a 2 oz Package will cover about 50' square feet.


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