Gypsophila Covent Garden Seeds
Gypsophila Covent Garden Seeds
Gypsophila Flower Planting Seeds - GMO Free
covent garden gypsophila seed packet

Gypsophila Seeds - Covent Garden


77-91 days. Covent Garden gypsophila seeds are an elegant and timeless grow for any garden or summertime bouquet. Covent Garden Baby's Breath matures to convenient 12-18" tall gypsophila ideal as a quaint highlight to walkways, borders, fences, or to invigorate a stale flower bed. Covent Garden seeds are drought and heat tolerant, compact, and bloom playful ½" gypsophila blossoms all season long. Covent Garden Baby's Breath seeds promise a low-maintenance and herbaceous favorite internationally treasured as a delicate accent to any fresh cut basket, centerpiece, or arrangement.


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