Gourd Seeds - Nam Tao Klom - Hybrid
Gourd Seeds - Nam Tao Klom - Hybrid
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Gourd Seeds - Nam Tao Klom - Hybrid


60-65 Days to Maturity (after transplanting). Lagenaria siceraria ’Nam Tao Klom’. Nam Tao Klom Gourd Seeds. Non-GMO, warm-season, perennial, hybrid. This vigorous climbing hybrid produces round-shaped fruit with light green skin and flesh. Fruit size is approximately 4 inches x 5 inches and can weigh up to 1 lb. It requires a lengthy, warm growing season. The bottle gourd is suggested as a healthy food by the American Diabetic Association. The gourds can also be left on to harden and develop into a receptacle. Approximately 200 seeds / oz.


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