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110-125 days. Non-GMO. Heirloom. Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Seeds from True Leaf Market yield small decorative gourds featuring blunt, horn-like protrusions which make the gourd resemble a crown of thorns. Heirloom Shenot Crown of Thorns gourds are among the smaller varieties of gourds, but are beloved for their unique decorative appearance. Ornamental gourds grow best in warm, fertile soil with consistent moisture, and they require full sun. These heirloom gourd seeds come from Mountain Valley Seed Co., which is a small, family-owned seed company known for supplying premium-quality seeds to both home growers and fresh market producers. Approx 550 seeds/ounce.

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Growing Heirloom Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Vegetable Garden Seeds

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Non-GMO, Heirloom Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Seed Growth Habits:

Gourds, such as the Shenot Crown of Thorns, grow best on 8-10" tall mounds that accommodate their long, trailing vines. The Crown of Thorns plant produces small, ornamental gourds featuring blunt, horn-like protrusions that make it look like a crown. The color may be orange, green, white, yellow or a color mix, and the gourds may or may not have stripes.

Gourds, like their pumpkin cousins, are sun-loving and grow best in warm weather. They are very sensitive to frost. They can be directly sown in the ground, but often do well when started indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date, which gives them an early start. An early start is most beneficial for growers with a shorter season.

Be sure to provide fertile, well-draining soil for best results, as gourds are heavy nitrogen feeders.

Various Uses for Heirloom Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourds:

Gourds are ornamental varieties of the Cucurbitaceae family, and are typically used in the United States to create decorative displays during the autumn and winter holiday seasons.

Heirloom Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Benefits:

While smaller than other ornamental gourds like Corsican, Speckled Swan, and Turks Turban, the heirloom Shenot Crown of Thorns gourd is an eye-catching variety prized for its unique appearance.

Additional Information:

Shenot Crown of Thorns heirloom gourds will grow to approximately 4" to 5" in diameter.

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Seeds Per Package:

  • 2 g - Approximately 39 Seeds
  • 0.25 oz - Approximately 138 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Approximately 550 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 2,200 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 8,800 Seeds

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