Gourd Seeds - Buab Liam - Hybrid
Gourd Seeds - Buab Liam - Hybrid
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Gourd Seeds - Buab Liam - Hybrid


80-90 days to maturity. Luffa acutangula ’Buab Liam’. Buab Liam Gourd Seeds. Non-GMO, warm-season, annual, hybrid. This highly productive and vigorous hybrid has fruit that matures 40 days after the flower sets. The green, edible fruit is tender and flavorful and grows up to 17 inches in length, 2 inches in diameter, and weighs 0.5 pound. Try growing it in a deep container or over an arched trellis for a gorgeous spectacle. The fruit can also develop into a fibrous structure used as a loofa or sponge. Approx. 140 seeds / oz.


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