Gourd Seeds - Buab Khom - Hybrid
Gourd Seeds - Buab Khom - Hybrid
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Gourd Seeds - Buab Khom - Hybrid


50-60 days to maturity. Luffa acutangula ’Buab Khom’. Buab Khom Gourd Seeds. Non-GMO, warm-season, annual, hybrid. Buab Khom is a hybrid ridge gourd that yields many high-quality fruits. The fruits are light green in color and medium in size, ranging from 12-14 inches and weighing about 0.5 lb. The vines are vigorous and have lots of branching. This variety is resistant to downy mildew. To fully mature, Luffa gourds demand plenty of warm growing time. Try growing over an arched trellis for visual appeal. Approx 200 seeds / oz.


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