Gomphrena Seeds - Gnome Series


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2nd Year Maturity. Gnome Series seeds grow one of summer's most unique, vigorous, and exclusive blooms boasting exotic globe-shaped gomphrena heads. Gnome Series seeds are an exciting and miniature substitute in the garden and will bloom up until the frost long after others have lost their luster. Gnome Series gomphrena seeds are an ideal grow to splash among wildflower mixes, untamed meadows, and many wide open spaces. Gomphrena is native to hot and arid regions across both Central and South America and celebrated for its weed-like tolerance to heat and drought.


Growing Gnome Series Gomphrena Garden Seeds

Gnome Series gomphrena has a wildflower hardiness and can be sown directly outside after the frost. For earliest blooms, begin seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior. Germination will take 14-28 days in full lighting and harden off gomphrena seedlings in a warm sunny spot in the garden or keep indoors with good drainage and full sun. Lightly press 2-3 Gnome Series seeds into soil 6 inches apart in average, medium dry, and well-drained soil in full sun. Gnome Series gomphrena does not perform well in clay or poorly drained soils and can be susceptible to mold and mildew if not properly drained. Gomphrena is known to be tolerant of drought and dry soils and has no known pests or diseases. Gnome Series is a dwarfed variety and should be planted on the south end of the garden to avoid being cast in shade for the season. Gnome Series gomphrena seeds are perennials that mature their 2nd year as 6 inch tall dwarfed shrubs with a 6-8 inch spread of unique globe-shaped blooms.

Gomphrena globosa, or more commonly known as Globe Amaranth, is native to Central America and more arid regions of South America such as Brazil, Panama, and Guatemala. For many centuries, Gomphrena globosa was a popular edible variety used in teas and herbal remedies to treat baby gripe, oliguria, cough, diabetes, and both prostrate and reproductive problems. However now, gomphrena is more popularly used as an ornamental for garlands, wreaths, and dehydrating.

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