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Assorted Cover Crop Mix. 30-70 Days. Non-GMO. Heirloom. Annual. Why just choose one cover crop seed when you can grow them all? Non-GMO Cover Crop Garden Mixes features 9 of the most popular and best-selling seasonal cover crop seeds ever. Grow cover crop garden heirlooms from seeds such as annual Austrian Field Pea, Hard Red Winter Wheat, Triticale, Daikon Radish, and more. Non-GMO cover crop seeds are a proven annual garden companion for boosting nitrogen content back into the soil while improving weed suppression, erosion control, tilth, and structure. Wholesale paper packets and bulk seeds are available.

The Garden Cover Crop Seed Mix is pre-inoculated. No additional inoculant is needed.

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Growing Cover Crop Mix Garden Seeds

About Cover Crop Mix Garden Seeds

Like many legumes, non-GMO Cover Crop Mix seeds are intended to be broadcasted directly nearly any time of year for mulching back into the soil. Annual Cover Crop Mix garden seeds will have varying germination times from 3-21 days, quickly reaching maturity between 30-70 days depending on the variety. Non-GMO Cover Crop Mix features a blend of cool-hardy legumes intended to grow in poor, depleted soils while not having any known insects or pests. No need to endlessly search for the right cover crop for your garden because our Garden Cover Crop Seed Mix features some of the most popular and best-selling cultivars. Works for everything from small backyard gardens to large farm applications, an ideal no-till option for container gardening and raised beds.

Garden Cover Crop Mix Contents


Austrian Field Pea 22.95% Pisum sativum
Hard Red Winter Wheat
21.54% Triticum aestivium
19.90% Triticosecale
Collard Green or Trophy Rape (Canola)* 7.95% Brassica oleracea var. acephala
Daikon Radish 7.83% Raphanus sativus
Hairy Vetch 7.92% Vicia villosa
Crimson Clover 3.27% Trifolium incarnatum
Frosty Berseem Clover or Medium Red Clover* 2.61% Trifolium alexandrinum
Yellow Mustard 2.00% Brassica hirta
Other Crop 0.10%
Inert Matter 4.45%
Net Weight 50 lbs
Noxious Weeds NONE
Weed Seed  0.01%

*These small substitutions may occur based on seed seasonality and availability.  The performance of the mix remains consistent.

Non-GMO Cover Crop Mix Benefits

Cover crops are found to improve soils in several ways- by protecting existing soil, contributing Organic material and nutrients, and keeping the soil alive year-round to ensure healthy composition. All of these elements were considered in compiling this carefully chosen cover crop seed blend. There are four legumes to set nitrogen in the soil, three hardy grains for rapid cover and bio-mass, a deep-rooted radish to help break up and aerate the soil, a mustard with natural insecticidal properties, and a great collard for forage and additional biomass. This cover crop seed blend is great for either fall or spring. Recommended to till the plants in before they bear seeds. If using a no-till method, cut down (scythe, string trimmer) before the crop goes to seed.

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