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84 " 91 days. Blanket Flower gaillardia seeds promise a vibrant and perennial touch of authentic American color in your garden. Blanket Flower seeds grow herbaceous 18 " 36" tall bushy uprights boasting well-stemmed 3" sunburst blooms. Gaillardia is native to the dry and demanding summers of North America from Canada down into the American southwest. Blanket Flower seeds are self-seeding and ideal among beddings, rock gardens, and any open woodland spaces.


Growing Blanket Flower Gaillardia Garden Seeds

Blanket Flower gaillardia has a wildflower-like hardiness and is most commonly broadcasted directly after the frost but, for earliest blooms, begin seeds 8 " 10 weeks indoors prior. Gaillardia seeds are known to require 14 " 35 days to germinate in full lighting but, once established, plants are one of the hardiest wildflowers available. May reseed in optimal growing conditions. Plant 3 " 4 Blanket Flower gaillardia seeds ¼" deep or broadcast directly in moist, Organically rich, and well-drained soil in full sun. Blanket Flower performs well in hot, dry, and poorly tended gardens, but will show signs of root rot and powdery mildew if soil is not properly drained. Deadheading is not necessary. Gaillardia has no serious susceptibility to pests or diseases. Blanket Flower gaillardia seeds mature in 84 " 91 days as 18 " 36" tall bushy uprights with a 12 " 18" spread of well-stemmed 3" blooms.

Gaillardia aristata, or more commonly known as Blanket Flower or Gaillardia, is a sun-hardy wildflower perennial native to North America from the Yukons and Quebec down into the American southwest, but has since naturalized throughout many similar climates across the world. The genus Gaillardia pays homage to an 18th century French magistrate and enthusiastic patron of botany.

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