Organic French Lentils - Blue/Green Color
Organic French Lentils - Blue/Green Color
Lentils - French - Sprouting Seed - Organic 1 lb
French Lentils -  Sprouting Seeds - Organic 2.5 lb
Non-GMO French Lentils - Organic 5 lb
Bulk Lentils - French - Organic - 35 Lbs Storage

French Lentils (Organic) - Bulk Grains & Foods


French lentils, also known as lentilles vertes, are a variety of green lentils known for their ability to maintain their excellent consistency and flavor after cooking, particularly in soups and salads. These French lentils are tested for microbes and can also be used for sprouting and are great for food storage. Our French lentils are suitable for planting in your own garden, thanks to their high germ rate, and are available in sizes that range from small quantities to bulk with resealable packaging. Certified Organic.

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