Four O Clock Seeds - Marvel of Peru


91 " 105 days. Marvel of Peru seeds easily grow eye-catching and fragrant four o'clocks bursting in a vivid mix of red, fuchsia, canary, white, and striped. Marvel of Peru four o'clocks thrive in heat and are tolerant to a wide range of soils. Marvel of Peru seeds mature into robust and exotic 24 " 36" bushy uprights ideal for indoor planters and baskets to accent any room with authentic summertime aroma. Marvel of Peru four o'clock seeds in your garden promise to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and even the neighbors all season long. Approximately 400 seeds/oz.


Growing Marvel of Peru Four O"Clock Garden Seeds

Marvel of Peru four o"clocks can be broadcasted directly or sown traditionally after the frost but, for earliest blooms, begin indoors 6 " 8 weeks prior. Germination will take 7 " 14 days in full lighting and harden off to a partially shaded place in the garden. Plants can be uprooted and stored over overwinter in a moist medium in a garage or basement for next spring, yielding bigger and brighter blooms from the established roots. Lightly press 2 " 3 Marvel of Peru four o"clock seeds into soil 36" apart in average, consistently moist, and well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Marvel of Peru four o"clocks tolerate a wide range of soils and known to be especially tolerant of dry and sandy soils. Four o"clocks have no known pests or diseases. Marvel of Peru four o"clock seeds mature in 91 " 105 days as 24 " 36" tall bushy uprights with a 24 " 36" spread of dense 2 " 3" trumpet-shaped blooms.

Mirabilis jalapa, or more commonly known as the Four O"Clock, is native to Peru and its warm coastal climate and was first introduced to Europe in 1525. The four o"clock earns its name because it opens every day around 4:00 pm and emits a sweet and fragrant nectar that remains available until morning, when the bloom will close and wait until 4:00 again.

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